About Our Courses

Our courses were setup to teach participants the Rules and Regulations of MMA, to work in conjunction with any other testing required by your state. These courses should be considered educational courses, designed to prepare you for testing by your state athletic commission…we do not “Certify” you – as only your state can do that. 

We do provide a Certificate of Completion, together with your Final Score. If requested or if you wish, you can submit that information to the state, along with your license application, confirming you have studied the rules and regulations. Please note most AC's will not approve you just based on our course; you must follow your state's guidelines to get certification!  

We recommend that in addition to taking course(s), you make sure to follow their guidelines, in order to become certified.  Additionally, if you’re in another country, your country might accept this Certificate of Completion – it just depends on if you have a formal athletic commission or not.  To find out, please check with your commission, or have them contact us by email, and we’d be happy to discuss our courses with them.

Learning About the MMA Unified Rules of Conduct (MMAURC)
The content found in our online training courses are perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the MMA Unified Rules of Conduct (MMAURC), including: would be MMA referee or MMA judging officials, MMA coaches and fighters in the sport, MMA promoters, MMA commentators, and even MMA media members! The MMA Referee or MMA Judge's courses would provide you with information on why referees or judges make the decisions they make, during a fight.

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the MMA Unified Rules of Conduct (MMAURC), then these ONLINE courses are the perfect solution for you!

Please read the Endorsement by Certified Referee and Student of ours, Kent Maichle below, to see what he said about our Ref and Judge's courses. In Kent's opinion, taking our courses helped him to pass his hands-on workshop and subsequent testing by Herb Dean, as well as obtain his state certifications.  We're confident our courses can do the same for any student!

Thank you again for your interest in our online officials training courses. Let us know if you have any other questions and if you're ready to start your MMA online training courses! Please note: once you've registered, we recommend you use a computer to access your Course(s). Thank you!

Endorsement by Kent Maichle!

"Michael... wanted to give you an update on my journey and a big thanks for the knowledge you make available to people at a great price. Picture of Kent Maichle Courtesy of Adam Sandoval from Combat USA

This year Wisconsin became the 43rd state to regulate MMA.  9/1 the regulations took effect, and tomorrow night Combat USA will be hosting the first State officiated show in Green Bay.  I will be participating in the show as a shadow to the Inspectors, located in one of the locker rooms, viewing hand wraps, initialing water bottles etc.  I'm excited to be part of this historic weekend in Wisconsin.

As a Black Belt in Karate and 4 years experience in BJJ I was very interested in supported MMA in WI.  I spoke with my politicians to pass the bill, and shortly after was given the opportunity to attend a Ref/Judging course in Milwaukee.  This was hosted by Herb Dean and Sal D'Amato at Duke Roufus' Gym.

Leading up to the Judge/Ref Exam I wanted to take my knowledge to the next level, so I enrolled in your Elite MMA Online Workshop.  I CRUSHED through the material in less than 8 days trying to prepare, and go from avid fan to educated professional.

Recently I received communication and certificates from Herb Dean informing me that I passed both the Referee and Judge exams.  I've also become aware that less than 40% of the attendees were able to pass the examI DIRECTLY associate my readiness to the material covered in your online resources and wanted to send a big thank you for helping me achieve my goals!

Thanks again for doing what you do,
Kent Maichle"

MMA Officials Training note:  We'd like to thank Kent for his awesome letter and let him know how thrilled we are to have him as a graduating student! And did we mention that we're honored he's a part of ELITE Team! We'd like to think Kent couldn't have made it without us, but the truth is, he worked hard, studied the material, and finished his Quizzes and Final Exam in record time...so we weren't surprised to learn he'd passed and gotten Certified! We asked Kent to share a bit of his experiences during his first ref'ing gig.

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